A new leaf

The end of a relationship is always hard.  But with the help of some friends and especially my family I am going to be fine.

I'm finally realizing that this relationship had been toxic to me and I need to focus on myself.  I need to move forward, and handle life independently, without having to cater to someone else's dreams first.  I need to work on bettering myself, making my dreams happen, and being the best that I can be, without having someone to stress about.

For future I have learned what will not mesh, and while A was a great person, he was not the person for me.   There is someone out there who will be all the things I need, and when the time is right they will pop up.  Until then, it's me and Bella against the world, and you know what- We are going to be okay.  There will be tough days but it's time to move forward and take care of me.

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