Somebody has a case of the Mondays

Yep, true story.

Today was a frustrating and annoying day and I cannot wait to go to bed.

Traffic was awful this morning and this afternoon, for no apparent reason.

Stupid idiot not only almost merged into the lane I was in... in my spot, but also almost hit the guy in the next lane!  Then the worst part... after honking at him, he looks at me like I'm the problem!!!

Work was stressful as stressful gets, I didn't even get up and go to lunch!

Gas station on the way home- almost got hit by a lady driving way too quickly, annoyed.

Gram is mad that I told her it was too damn hot in this house (it's warmer inside than it is outside) and now she is mad at me.

Oh and then Bella was all hyper and I was annoyed with her but then I felt so guilty because she loves me.   :(

I'm over Monday. See you Tuesday.

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