stuff my sisters say...

So some days I worry about my families sanity.  These kids are eight kinds of crazy.  So tonight at Casa de la Awesome (awww hell yeahh) things took a turn for the WTF.

"you know that Ankle shit..." The girls were showing us their secret handshake.   Camille screams "Ankle Shit" then proceeds to kick Calle in the shins.  Calle was apparently supposed to jump and "high five" ankles with Cam.  Didn't work that well.

"By the way, that cup was dirty... it had little floaties in it.... I just drank around them" Camille yells that after she just guzzled all the juice out of it.  Okay that makes sense right?

"This hamburger is giving me a heart attack.... my life is flashing before my eyes"  Calle, as she stuffs burger back into her face.

"She has a box of herself."- About Camille's box of pictures

Yeah, that's supposed to be a self portrait of Camille.
"I remember him!!!!" - D.... "It was me... a girl"  Me looking at this picture of camille's art project in Kindergarden.  Ooops.

Camille and Calle
"Aye!  Look at this sexy mofo!" Calle about Camille in a kid swim suit.

"Let me see... is she eating cereal"  "yeah"  Apparently all I ever do is eat cereal and there are a ton of pictures of me as a kid eating cereal.

Eating Cereal... Typical 

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