Newest Obsessions

dubstep- As of late I have become obsessed with dubsteb on Pandora.  It's the BEST driving music.  Although it makes me feel like a race car driver and drive a little too quickly on the toll road.

smart water- Always loved smart water better than any other bottled water but recently I've been drinking it more and more.

exercise- especially Yoga.   I love Yoga!   And now Andrew has us doing this Insanity thing, which will kill me I'm sure, and yet I am excited to get in shape and happy about myself again.

safseed oil-I need to stop going into vitamin world because every time I go in there I buy more and more health stuff.

 coconut oil-The wonder oil.  It is amazing on hair, skin, everything.  It's the best thing.

Pinterest- Sadly I've become obsessed with this too.

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