My silly Gram- who laughs at me. 
Last week I mentioned being a "fat jar loser" and the need to get myself in gear and work out... well I may have overdone that a tad.

Sunday I started the "Max Capacity Training".  Wow that was painful but I pushed through thinking that stopping was not helping me at all.   So after that I felt sore but good.  I relaxed most of Sunday and then on sunday night I was watching America's Next Top Model reruns.   Not a good idea.  That show always makes me feel huge!!  And it makes me feel old as of lately because all those girls are 18 and 19. Well I got up and did pilates- right there on the spot!  In retrospect that was the nail in the coffin because two days later and my legs are still in pain.  So much pain that my Gram is laughing at me because she says I'm like an 80 year old woman.   

I wanted to go for a run later tonight, but I am trying to get my legs back into working order because Thursday I am going to the Cardiologist for a stress test and an echo.  Onto the topic of the Cardio-  This week I have been forced to wear a King of Hearts monitor, which is really more a pain than anything else.   Basically these two electrodes are on my body and I hook a portable monitor to it and press the button when I am having pain or trouble breathing- no big right?  Well the electrodes itch like there is no tomorrow!!!!  Seriously!  Driving me nuts!  But oh well, I've added it to my life adventure, which is really all I can do.

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