I'm leaving on a jet plane...

This makes twice in a month I have had the opportunity to fly away on a plane.   I couldn't explain it to you if I tried, but there are few things that I love more than airplanes.   They are just so... magnificent.  

To think of how much science and trial and error went into their creation, it simply amazes me.   Just watching planes take off and land makes me a happy girl.

On another, completely none plane related, note- I have become obsessed with the "I'd Cap That" app.   Ummm why didn't I know about this before?   I've been sitting in this airport for the last hour, putting random caption on EVERY photo my phone has... and then laughing hysterically to myself.   I'm sure people think "This girl must be crazy".   But honestly, what is crazy really?  Besides that, would they really find me that crazy if the knew how amazingly accurate this app can be?  How does it always know what to write?  It's BRILLIANT.  So maybe I'm crazy, or maybe everyone is missing out.   Oh look, there's my plane.  :)  I'm a Happy camper.

Like I said... Love this app.  

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