My Baby Sister

My baby sister Camille is graduating this week.   I cannot believe it.  With that, I have a few things I want to tell her:


You have grown up so much in the last 17.5 years.  I cannot believe all of the things we have been through together.  I still remember when we shared  a room at the Visalia house, I remember when mommy was pregnant with you, and we called you baby noodles.   I remember Jordan wanted to name you batman.  :)

I remember how we used to get on each others nerves, and the phases we have both gone through.  In everything, I'd like for you to know a few things; I am so very proud of you.  You have grown into such an amazing and wonderful young lady these past 17 years.   You have been through more trials than any person of your age deserves to go through, but you have come out strong.  Our family has the most amazing bond after all we have been through.  I know what no matter what happens in our lives, I will always have you and mom and the girls.

As you leave high school here is a bit of advice from a big sister who has been through this before.  Go to college.  Follow your dreams and do not let anyone stop you.  Do not let anyone stand in your way, or tell you that you won't make it, or that you will be "flipping burgers" forever.  You have the potential to do amazing things.  You are smart and I know for a fact that whatever you put your mind to, you will accomplish.  Just make sure that you take those dreams and run with them.   It will not be easy, and no one is going to hand you what you think you are entitled to.  Going to school and taking care of yourself is hard.  I've been there, and believe me, there are days that I am so bitter and resentful of all I went through, but in the end, I can say that I did it myself.  No one paid for me, no one helped me, my degree, my life, my future is mine and mine alone.   Remember that on the days when things feel overwhelming, and you don't know how you are going to keep going.   Remember that you are strong, and in many cases stronger than I was, and you can do this.  And you have a big sister who will always be on your side.

I want you to know that you are a smart, and caring person.  You are trustworthy and quite the character and I could not be more proud to have you as my sister and as a best friend.  I love you Camille.   Manete Valide.  Together we are all strong.

- your incredibly proud big sister.

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