Grumpy pants

Do you ever have those days when you are a total grumpy pants and you have NO reason to be?  Yep, one of those days.  Only made worse by the fact that:
 1. Gram is also having one of those days.
 2. I slept wayyy to late and now I am tired still. and ...
 3. I had horrible dreams last night about all the things that are bothering me thus elevating them from "this shouldn't bother you" to full on "holy hell I'm having nightmares about this " problems.

Am I the only one who has that problem?  The second something becomes a nightmare, be it something stupid or realistic, it suddenly elevates to an actual problem.  Even if that nightmare was so off base that it made no sense.  I have woken up completely angry at people for something they said or did in my dream.  Stupid right?   Unfortunately  it's one of those days and this grumpy pants is going to lie around and think "why am I so lame and so grumpy about such stupid things" unable to change my grumpy pants.

On a side note, this week I learned that Buddha likes cinnamon rolls and bear claws.  Thanks to Bee's Donuts and Adam.   Week= made. 

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