Stuff my family says... Part two.

So, here is part two of shit my sisters say.   Let's just say this is only a small segment of the crazy that happens on a regular basis with my family.   Never a dull moment.

" You about to close that muffin shop"- Mom

"It's bloggin season bitchessssss"- Calle

"Did you know when camille wrote a paper about people who inspire her she wrote about me?"- Calle
"I told you if you told anyone I'd deny that!"- Camille

"My sister has a perfect life, she's funny and she has a big ass"- Camille about Calle.

"God's had my back since day one!"- Calle about being a premie baby.

"Hold on cam, let me pike you"- Calle on the 'Jersey turn pike'

"Wanna see my fry baby? Do you have a fry baby?"- Mom

"I don't like the butt, it looks like a butt hole." - Calle about the end of a corn dog.

"When you can't tan for real, Jergen's is there for you."-  Camille to Calle about tanning lotion.

"Make it rain on them hos.... Two dollaaaas" - Calle on finding money in her pocket.

"Love you..." -Cal, "Shut the hell up!"- Camille.

We really do love each other.  :)

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