Would you change it?

It has been almost two years since my Mother and Sisters got out from the hell that we were living in.  Two years of freedom, two years of happiness.   Two years of growth.

At small group a few weeks ago, my friend said something that absolutely struck me, especially at this time of year-

"If you could change your past, would you?" 

Now the obvious answer is DUH!  However after thinking more closely, I came to the realization that my troubled childhood, the hell my family and I went through, all of this made me who I am today.  It shaped my relationships, it formed my personality, it taught me how to help others, it gave me the desire to be there for those in need.   I cannot imagine who I would be if I had a perfect stepford childhood.   In the past two years, I have watched my sisters grow so much in themselves.  They have found such a new confidence, they are wonderful young women.  My Mom is independent and driven, she pushes us and herself to go further in life.   I am independent and self sufficient.   Would I change this?  Honestly, my answer is no.

I would never wish what we have been through on anyone, but I have found new perspective for the past.   It shaped us.  It has caused us to grow, to learn to take care of ourselves and each other.  It has turned my mom and sisters into my best friends.  Would I change that?  Never.   Would I change the person I am?  The family I have?  The lessons I've learned?  No.

The past may be a dark, looming nightmare, but the biggest thing to remember is that it is something that  can be learned from.   And that is what makes a person, the ability to take the negative experiences and grow from them.

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