Adventures from work... Food Junkies

I stole this photo from Erin.  Our food fun at our work Win8 party. 
     So this week we have finally all admitted to ourselves that my friend and coworker Andrew is a food junkie.  To an extreme.  

Exhibit A:
     Yesterday my coworker left a breakfast burrito on his desk... I, being the obnoxious person I am, moved it to Andrew's desk (who sits across from him) as a prank on Raheem the Dream.   I did not think through the implications of putting food in front of Andrew.

    I placed the plate down on desk and was waiting for Dream to return from wherever he was to notice his lunch had been relocated, but before I could get excited about my prank, Andrew our resident foodie, gets  this look of sheer joy and elation on his face, thinking that the burrito was leftovers for him.  

A simple mistake no?   NO.   When I had to explain that the burrito was in fact not for him, but rather I was only using his desk as a hiding spot, his face fell.  He looked like a child who was told all the other kids could go to disneyland but not him.    I thought I might see a tear or two forming.  
   Obviously I need to rethink food pranks with my friends as they take food far too seriously and it's never a good idea to toy with food-emotions.   Lesson Learned.

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