Airline Dr. Phil.

People on airplanes have the weirdest conversations with strangers. It's like the second some people sit down their seat mate becomes Dr. Phil.
To whit: the woman across the isle is telling the kid by the window why she's going to Vegas which involves some sort of legal battle as she as him if court fees means XYZ. My thoughts here: " the kid isn't a lawyer. He seems disinterested. How did you get on this topic? Wonder what the case is..."

Exhibit B: man across isle and two rows up is on phone talking about someone he knows in a coma. Ring the nosey person I am I immediately am saddened by this and wonder Ho it is and what happened. Some things though its easier not to know.

Not only do people have some interesting conversations but the man next to me is a bit .... Larger and is hogging the ENTIRE seat rest thus making it impossible for me to switch channels on the inflight TV, not that it's an issue because I just discovered the headphones I packed are only working in one ear anyways but I'd feel too socially awkward penguin to purchase another pair when I brought my own and have them on my lap.

On that note I'm off. Can't wait to see what convos I can listen in on with blatant nosey curiosity once the plane takes off.

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