Amazing Friday, Amazing Friends

I have come to the realization that I have the most amazing friends.  Both work and at home.

Yesterday at work my friends Erin and Nani and I decided we needed to go to Ikea for lunch and to have a much desired girls adventure.

Lady in the parking lot doing stretches. Stay Classy LA

This lady was totally doing yoga in the parking lot.  That's normal.

Erin getting ready for our three story shopping adventure...

We found twine

Me posing in the IKEA home furnishings.  

It's empty, don't worry.

Someone loves IKEA:

"Do something scandalous!" 

Conversations durring our adventure: 
"I totally, in my mind, equate Sweden and Vegans... they have the same sounds... EE and AN.  So it obviously makes sense."   - Me. 
"umm.. they are known for their MEATBALLS, how is that Vegan?"- Nani
"I suppose, but what if they are Vegan Meatballs and the whole world is confused? Think about it, so many supermodels are sweedish and they are obviously not eating those meatballs..." -Me. 
If you think about it I'm right.  :)   
After purchasing a "Lucky Bamboo Stick" (from what I'm told it's impossible to kill) I sat there wondering if Bamboo plants like green tea and if I should give it a sip of my green tea from Starbucks.  Still have not decided if this would kill it or not... and I am pretty bad with plants already.  

This is just funny. 

After work I met up with my friends at the Busiest Happiest Place on Earth for some adventures and I learned a few things in the process: 

1.  Some people are not smart enough to figure out how to get onto a tram.   It's not that hard people.  Get in, sit down, ride tram.  Should be simple, no?

Josh and I think they look like bear nuns. 

2. My friends are nuts.  As you can see by the photos of us... we are a little crazy.

3.  They stand up for me even when I'm not there and this made me the happiest girl because I realized that my closest friends are not just Melissa and Cianna, but also Darren and Josh who are two of the most amazing examples of men.   

4.  The fortune machines at dland all hate me:

I suppose that makes sense. 

 All in all I'd say I had a fun and wonderful Friday.

All the girls groping my "boyfriend".  He's a stud. 

Happy Weekend! 

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