Family Crazies

Once again tales from my silly and crazy normal family.

My mom last week: "I can't tell if we are very ghetto or creative.... the other day I could not find lighter fluid for the BBQ so I made my own with veggie oil and news paper... it's like 'are you out of lighter fluid? Don't Despair! You can still have that BBQ!'"  

So as this is all going on, the television was going in the background.  I look up and ask my sister what in the world we are watching... to which she replies in the most normal of tones... "Its Juan of the Dead.  Duh.  It's awesome.  It's Zombies... In Mexico." 

Ummm... okay. That's normal.  Did I mention it's all in spanish with subtitles?  Yeah. Completely Normal. 

Flash forward to 10 mins later when G looks at me and says "We have a ghost... His name is Jerry".

Yep, full family full of Normal.  

Some pictures from our trip to LACMA last weekend- Holding the boulder

Won't lie... all the art we saw reminded me of AP Art History with King Herold. 

My sister is Beautiful. 

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