What the kids are calling it.

Call me old but today I have had the opportunity to use the phrase... that's what the kids are calling it?  

Today I picked up my sisters  from school and got a full run down on the latest "teen lingo".  Can I just say wow?

To name a few: (Source: My sisters and Urban dictionary)

Baddie: A very attractive man or woman.
          " Do you know if there are any baddies that go there?"

Fire: Hott
    Sub to Fire:
         Fire Mami: An attractive girl.
         Fire Papi: An attractive guy.
    "Oh dayyyum, she is a fire mami"

Dime: A very attractive person, a perfect 10.
       "Dayum, shawtey be a dime yo."

Nikes and Jordans: Again, attractive people.
     "Those dudes are straight Nike's"

Crocks and Sketchers: Unattractive people.
     "Yo, that girl is a sketcher."

So in all of this it leave me to wonder... what ever happened to normal words like attractive, beautiful?  According to the girls the best compliment you can get these days is to be called a "baddie".   When did this happen? Who is teaching these kids?  And when did I get so old that I am saying "what the kids are calling it?"

Simpler times.  

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