It's the Altitude.... Obviously

So I know I'm late in writing about my crazy lovely weekend with the girls, it's been busy at work, so forgive me.  Here is a list of a few of our shenanigans:

Wine Tasting before we left. 

"I like food"-Cianna
"I thought you said Boob"- Melissa
"just one boob?  Like a uni boob?"- Paula
"I heard booty"- Me

Apparently we all heard something different there.

Word Pronunciations:
While half asleep on the couch Cianna, Melissa and Paula get into a debate about the proper way to say "Address".  According to C and P its pronounced A-Dress.  According to myself and M its Add-Ress.  Naturally we're all tired and happy on wine and this took on the air of a serious debate.  The settlement? which has pronunciation.  Although I beg to disagree with it, because that robotic voice doesn't sound quite right.

The Great Rice Debacle of 2013:
We, being the women we are, decided to cook dinner one night at the cabin.   Melissa abandons me in front of the stove with rice that is "frying". I should mention... I don't know how to cook rice.  I've cooked rice maybe once in my life and I had to google it.   She returns five minutes later and asks me what I'm doing... I don't know.. you left me here with rice!

She throws water in and says... now it will cook... leaving it there while she drinks her wine.   Well... a glass in and 20 mins later the rice soaked up all the water but was still crunchy.  M adds more water... and more... and more.. I feel like at some point around the time she was dancing in the kitchen she forgot how much water she put in, because when Cianna, our voice of reason finally came to check on our cooking, she discovered we had somehow made porrage.

Melissa's explanation- "It's the altitude.  Obviously.  Things cook differently"

These are only a few... stay tuned.

Higher altitudes mean bigger pencils. 

Kmart run.

Paula trying to "golf" off the patio.  

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