The heels did me in

Last friday was girls night... Erin, Nani and Des style.

oh did we have a good time!

Nani got her hair stuck in her ring

We started the night early, at Stg. Pepper's Dueling Piano Bar for some singing, food and champagne.  I will say, the "birthday package" was a great idea because we had Champagne waiting for us.. and Balloons!  I mean really, who doesn't love balloons?

At the Peppers there is a mirror where you can write phrases of the night.. Guess what... we got one!

Prior to our departure, I, the Giraffe/Gazelle that I am decided that I needed to wear heels on my already 9 mile long legs.   While Nani's heels were comfy while we were sitting at the Piano bar, they quickly got painful when we did a venue change to dance.

I will say this- I walked so well in those heels!  Pro Status!  (if the pros had now 10 mile long legs and looked like an ostrich walking down the street) The shoes ultimately were the death of the night however as after dancing for an hour my feet were in such pain I did not want to stand up, but I was too germ/parasite phobic to take them off and be barefoot.  Erin's shoes that she has bought that afternoon took a turn for the worst when they decided to break and we eventually decided that was our que to call it a night.

We all wore teal, expecting people to ask about it... NOT ONE QUESTION. 

We grabbed a cab back to Pedro and Nani and Erin asked me questions in my sleep state... they found that to be too funny.  Can't just let a girl sleep can you?  I should have thrown a shoe at them! Overall, a successful End of Quarter/Girls Night Out/ Late bday party for Nani.  

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