Fantastic Friday Photos

A new tradition... assuming I remember each week, a collection of photos from my phone from the past week.  And my captions of course.  Because what is a photo without  my snarky recollections.

Wal-a-bee... wal-a bee... does what ever... wallaby does. (imagine spiderman tune)  

This random wallaby I put on my friend Erin's desk at work.  sometimes when she is hard at work I walk up and start making him skate board.  She thinks I'm weird.  I can't imagine why.

Bella in the HOOOOOD

"Oh hey mom, Can I roll down this windowz? I'm scoping for hott boy dogz"

View from Signal Hill

Buddha Beer... Whatever is in his big ol belly is delicious! 

Just because you can "kinda" fit into a space, doesn't mean you should. 

Librarian Concrete is not amused.

This tree can help you open your Buddha Beer. 

Love my Bella.  
Obsessed with the Port.  No idea why. 

Or you know... Hell.   
Aftermath of Spider-gedon. 

This one here has a story:  So today I was trying to put some stuff away and a GIANT spider crawled at me.  And me, being the calm, level headed, sensible person I am, completely LOST IT and made the BF come to help.  He runs in, his hands covered in soap, and by the time he washed the soap off, the spider had taken a hiding place in my linen closet!  

I do realize that dinner was waiting however everyone knows that the spider had waged a war and was NOT about to stay in MY bathroom.  I mean really, you live outside spider, I live inside.  GET with it.  

So 20 minute coup in the bathroom, a stake out, and completely taking apart my bathroom, we found the spider.  After the BF "caught it" he  noticed it was moving on the tissue, so he proceeded to fling the tissue towards the toilet (where I was standing!!) as I jumped out and screamed like I was being murdered!  Spider of hell got away so that commenced another 20 min search party!  Eventually he was found, apprehended and flushed.  Let's just say with spiders it's very "I want him dead, his family dead, DEAD"


This squirrel crawled up the tree then perched and stared me down.  

Those are pants.... in a bush.  

Ummm too much fun last night?  And white pants?  honestly? 

And shoes by a tree two streets over.  I looked high and low but didn't find the shirt, undies, hat...but I still want to believe that this person was playing a convoluted version of a scavenger hunt.  Or he got a little crazy at the bar.  I prefer to thing it was the former. 

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