LIke a spider... except not.

'Ello poppets.  I seriously laugh daily in my life thanks to a certain someone who is too funny for words.

So we were driving through the port and for some reason, I am so amused with seeing how the port works.  I honestly count it as an awesome day if I see something lifting or moving or figuring out things work.

Today I saw a giant forklift that was lifting up some semi truck trailers.  It was awesome.  It totally looked like a spider... moving ants around.  Yeah I don't know why but it totally did.

It looked like this... except more like a spider lifting ants... like in Honey I shrunk the kids... kinda...  

Me, in a british accent- "It's like a spider picking up ants and being all " oh you lil aunts I'm gonna put you here !" 

M- "Why is everything British???"

Me, completely rationally- "Why wouldn't it be ?"  I mean duh! 

M- "That's not normal..." 

Me, again in a British accent- "If we were in Britain it'd be normal chap!"

To which M just looks at me... then boogers my car! 

Me: "Oh my god don't booger my car!  Why would you do that?!?!" 

after this point I swear I heard him say "Penis" as in... because Penis! 

But apparently he only said "because".  He is Obviously losing it. 

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