Text messages with the Man.

So, sometimes I wonder what others would think if they knew even a little bit of what the BF and I talk about.  This is just a sample of some regular conversations.  This is why he's so perfect.  

This is reference to the ridiculous amount of stuff he has.  Who needs 43253432 couch blankets?  WHO?  Hoarders, that's who.  Blanket hoarders!  It's a new epidemic.  You just watch.  There will be a show about men who hoard couch blankets and their loving, beautiful girlfriends who were attacked maliciously by said blankets.  Reality TV.  When Blankets Attack!  

So no, I did not see the president at Taco Bell.  But you never know, and the one day I see him there I'm sure my hair will be all a mess and I will have been too lazy to put on makeup, I mean most days people are lucky I even put on pants, so no makeup is not that far a stretch.  And that one  day President Obama, or the Pope maybe, will be at Taco Bell (or any other fast food place where this fattie eats) and I will be able to tell the bf "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" and I will take a photo with the Presidential, Pope, Queen of England and I will look like a hood rat but it will be framed forever!  Just for spite!  Or I'll make a life size cut out.   Even better!  

Side note: I just spend an hour trying to figure out how to put my face next to Obama but all the apps I found were TOO cheesy! (yes, there is such a thing!).  

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