Well that's awkward...

So a few weeks ago I was sitting at home, watching 20/20 about people who love their pets to an Extreme and I learned something I never wanted to learn.

First let me say this, I LOVE my dogs.  I dress Bella up all the time and talk to both of them in baby voices but I would not build them a $300,000 dog mansion.  Mostly because.. ummm who does that???!! and also because I do not have truckloads of cash to throw into doggie air-conditioning.  If I did we could reevaluate this, but as I am a poor post college student (looking for takers to generously pay off my student loans), my dogs must settle for a house fan and the couch.

Anyways... so as I'm sitting in my own not so silent judgement of people who hand feed their dogs sushi, I found out there is something far weirder.  Far more... awkward.

Ready for this?  Because I was not... "neuticles".  Yeah right?  So basically these are prostetic testicles you can get your male dog after you've had him neutered.   Because apparently Fido feels a little bit less adequate now that you have chopped off his mojo.  One man even stated that his dog was depressed and after receiving his life altering "Neuticles" he suddenly was happier than Hugh Hefner on Viagra. (Okay I added that part about the Hef, but it seems fitting).

So anyways, since I now have to wonder every time I see a boy dog, male bits a swingin' if he is a real player or just as plastic as a Ken doll, I wanted to share.  Because poppets, this is knowledge that I cannot keep to myself.  Enjoy.

Not only are the Neuticles disturbing, so is this lady's narration.  WOW.  


  1. Hahaha Desi, I just got my bunny, Max, fixed... I think he's suffering from absent-testicular syndrome... It's prettyyy serious, may need to get him some implants! ;-)


    1. Hahaha. He very well might be! If they make them for elephants I'm sure they have some for bunnies! You watch, he'll be good as new in no time.


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