Obligatory Reflection of 2013

On the eve of a new year means obviously one thing... obligatory reflection post.  Buckle up kiddos!

2013... it's been fun but I'm about done with you.  This past year has been one filled with a few mile stones but nothing compared to what 2014 holds.

A year in review:

Sister Trip with Grace

Fun with the girls from work... This year I made a new best friend.  I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to get to know you Erin!

My amazing cousin moved back in! (Let the party start) 
Calle's First Prom

 St. Louis Cardinal's Game with Erin. 


Trip to Atlanta and Brave's Stadium. 


Sharing in the Marriage of two of my best friends, Cianna and Darren Edge.

Camille started her first job... she hates me taking photos. 

Gram turned 91!  She is my inspiration.

Mom got her doctorate

Gina stopped dressing WACK! (Shoutout to my cousin Gina who is CRAZY)

Got first apartment. 



Grace Erin starts high school! 
Calle Jane starts her senior year! 

My cousin Ali Graduates and gets accepted to a prestigious science program for college! 

Conquered the LSAT

Got accepted to Law School!
Calle gets first college acceptance letters. 

We found out my Cousin TINA's PREGO!

Overall there are a million more things that happened that I am so very thankful for, but I am getting bored writing this because I take too many photos and have so many stories and so many good things in life that I cannot continue to post more.  As great at 2013 was, 2014 will be better yet.

Happy New Year.

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