Law School Conversations

Sometimes, law school makes us delusional.  Case in point: studying with my law school buddy last week.  

Jake - "Comma, the inbred cousin to the period..." 

Me- 'Would I ever steer you wrong? On something as serious as bluebook citations??" 
J- "Bluebook citations save lives"

J-"I'd prefer if the teacher had an afro."
Me-"She'd look silly with an afro.  I smell french fries... now I need fries!"

And sometimes, the delirium is heightened by other's bad fashion choices: 
J-"my original plan was to stand in front of the class and piss my pants, but I froze, so I improvised" (of speaking in front of class) 
Me- "Shoulda just worn leggings as pants... and army surplus boots, because you never know if you need to trek through the mud.."

Yes, these are the things serious law students talk about when studying gets too unbearable.  

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