One time, I got pink eye...

Here is a story from my childhood in between my case readings to lighten your day Poppets. 

One time, I got pink eye...

As a child I had pink eye a few times and was completely and utterly, paralyzingly terrified of having anything put into my eye.  Inclusive of drops.  So I was a sophomore in high school, and I knew I had an eye infection, but put off going to the Dr. because frankly I knew he would give me the drops! 

Shoulda gone when I had a change.  By the time I finally went to the Dr. he took one look at my incredibly swollen eye and made a face of complete shock.  Need I say, this is NOT something you want to see from your doctor ladies and gentleman!  

Prognosis: Pink Eye!  (at this point it was already pretty obvious but still). He said it was so bad, and in both eyes, that I needed serious antibiotics and would have to have them administered through a shot.  So he gets the nurse who returns and tells me to "Pick a cheek."  At this point I respond "I hope you mean the ones on my face????" (Hint: She didn't)

So I drop the pants (only enough to expose a teeny tiny portion of my then completely boney, anorexic ass, because come one now, I'm a lady!) And Bam!  Shot in the tush.  The nurse explained I'd need four of these and would have to come in once a day for four days.... In addition to the dreaded drops!  What had I done to deserve such cruelty!?!?

When I got home that first day, may parents had quarantined me to my room.  This makes complete sense because in a house with five kids and a slew of pets, if one person has even a sniffle, we're all going down!  So I was locked in my room and was only allowed to leave to use the bathroom, which I had to have a clorox wipe with me at all times to sanitize every imaginable surface I touched or even looked at! 

At meal times my captors parents would bring in easy to wrap up meals like hot pockets and capri suns and my female captor would be nice and gently lob them across the room at my bed.  My male captor would set them just barely inside the door as if the germs were waiting to attack him at any moment, all the while bleaching my doorknob and door frame.  

This went on for four days, all of which I had to get my sick and captive and now bruised butt out of bed to return to the Dr. for another shot in the tush.  

Despite all of this, there is a bright side: I did get a sweet batman bandaid one of the days!

Photo from back in the day... Good LORD was I skinny!  Kinda miss it! (the skinny, not high school)

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