92 Years of Gram

Yesterday a Beautiful and life changing woman turned 92.  My Gram.  

Gram is one of the most inspirational people that has every graced my life.  She was born in a very poor family on a farm in Normandie, France.  She helped raise her siblings and had to drop out of school at 13 years old to work to help her family survive.   She never complains about how she grew up.  

When she was about 20 she was working in a cafe during the war.  She says she remembers D-Day, and hearing the German soldiers running on the cobble stones, asking anyone for water...   She met my Grandfather, an American soldier, during that war.  They were married and she moved to America.  When she moved she brought one of my uncles with her, and was meeting my Grandfather here.  She came, young and scared, knowing NO english, with a small child, across the ocean, and across the country.  She taught herself english, got her citizenship, and raised a family that included a slew of foster kids and anyone who needed some love.   She worked hard and never stopped.

At 92 this woman can run circles around me.   She never stops.  She is always working, and hates having to sit down.   She kicks my butt, literally and figuratively.   She is my inspiration and my best friend.  I am so blessed to have her in my life, and to have had the honor of being able to live with her for the 5 years that I did.   She really is something special.

She switched the candles so they said "29"  

Still as goofy as ever. 

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