Cha Cha Cha Changes.....

So remember a while ago when I told everyone I had applied for a transfer... Well I got accepted to two schools: Wester State (in California) and Arizona Summit (in... Arizona).

I have accepted my admission to Arizona Summit Law School and I start in September.  I am very excited because this is an American Bar Accredited school with a great Bar pass rate.  It is a beautiful location and the admissions really seem to want me to attend where as Western seemed put off by taking my transfer units.

I am both excited and nervous about this.  Ryan and I are moving at the end of this month to Phoenix.   It is terrifying because I have never been more than an hour away from my Gram at any given time.  Were it not for Gram, this decision would be simple.  But having spoken to my lovely Gram about it, she reminded me that she went 4000 miles from France to America, not knowing anyone other than my Grampy and did fine so according to her "what's one state!"   According to Gram, if I don't make this move for my future she will put her shoe in my ass!  And she can do that, for being 4'11", she can actually still kick my ass.

In the coming weeks we are going to be crazy busy in preparation for our big move!

Here are a few pros and cons that I have cleaned about the fine state of Arizona:

    - Thunder storms.   This is obviously exciting because we hardly get there here is So Cal.
    -  Ryan's parents!: Ryan has the EBST parents and I am super excited to get to spend more time with them.
    - Amazing school: The school is great and I can focus strictly on school for a while.  I'm excited because I have always wanted to take extra projects like moot court or interning and now I'll have the opportunity to do more for my future.

There are tons of pros but they are not as funny and there are too many to list anyways.  But let's just say I am so excited! (assuming the dust clouds and heat don't kill me upon arrival)

   -Dust Clouds of Death (aka Haboobs):  I have never seen one of these in person but  from what I have gleaned from the internet, it is a GIANT wall of death dust.  I asked my friend what to do if I get stuck in one while driving... "cry".
   - Heat: it is hotter than Africa in Arizona, but I'm told it is a "dry heat", whatever that means.   No idea how I will deal with this, except that we will have air-conditioning.  Have I mentioned that whomever designed the homes/apartments near the ocean needs to be shot.   Who doesn't put an air conditioner in an apartment!!  It is a sauna in my apartment so I assume I'm just preparing for Arizona.
    -Not being near Gram:  Who else is going to literally kick me in the butt, and let me sit in her lap like a child and cry when I need to.  Who else will wake me up standing right in front of my face with a hot cup of Gram's Coffee.  Who else will laugh at me and keep me in line?  

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