Pinterest Products ... What?

Recently I have been scoping the pinterst product section and have realized that while there is some really cool stuff out there... there is also some stuff that makes you say "What in the world!"

Here are a few:

The fire/ water phone charger--   There are few things I feel are more safe to have near my phone than both fire and water!   Seems like a great idea... and you know on those long camping trips I want to make sure that I have a decent charge while I roast my marshmallows.  Sounds like a great plan.  Too bad I don't camp. 

Upcycled medicine bottle christmas lights--  Nothing says christmas cheer like empty bottles of Xanex.  Maybe some left over pills will appear to help calm the family crazies at the holidays.

Phone Undies: Thank GOODNESS for this!  My sorely immodest cell phone was feeling a bit bashful being so naked all the time.  I'm glad I can now as much peace of mind as a father when his high school daughter goes on a date... I just need to make sure my phone doesn't go with the gsting.  It's tough being in charge of a phone with such a crazy streak. 

Beats v.1?  -The original version of the portable music player.  Pop a CD into your kicks and before you know it you'll be the hit most annoying person ever of the block ! 

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