Things I miss about California, Part I

I was going through my photos today and realized I am missing a few things.... AZ is great, but I do miss some parts of CA.  Family, obviously, but a few others... 

Weekend at Burgundy's 
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This SKETCH as hell Cat.... SNEAK SNEAK SNEAK 

This View... 

These two Crazies.

These two caught being weird 

This hooker.... Tara and Lisa will understand this one. 

Glenn Man and his amazing art. 
This asian

Yup... still missing these two. 

Matching with this one.

Plane spotting with Lisa at LAX

Obviously the dream

Seriously, who could hate a view like this?! 

This lovely lady


Juice Runs.  There is no decent juice that I have found yet!!!
The looks she gives me....
Walks at work

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