You know you're me when...

Another fabulous true story from the insanity that is my brain.

You know you're in law school when.....

Someone puts a binder full of folders in the recycle bin, (the recycle bin was empty save for the binder full of goodies so don't judge, it's not like I'm digging in the trash can full of actual garbage!) and you, being the poor, jobless, law student you are, swoop in for some free folders!!  (I know, I know, they only cost 50 cents a piece at Wal Mart but still! I'm saving money, Ryan should be proud! Although I know he will read this and say "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?"  I actually get that a lot from him.  No idea why!  But I digress... )

You know you are me when....

After recycling the recycled folders (that's double recycling so thus I am a planet saving queen!) these thoughts pop into my head:

  • What law student throws out perfectly good folders and a binder? 
  • Is there something wrong with them?
  • Did someone sneeze on them? 
  • Are they now a carrier for some sort of epidemic?  
  • Can you catch Ebola from using a folder someone sneezed on that has it? 
  • Am I going to die all because I was so excited for recycled folders?!? 
You know you are even more paranoid when............ 

You immediately go put the folders in the car to be sanitized once arriving home, just to rule out any diseases or germs (it could happen!) and then sanitize your hands before returning to work... because germs. 

I think maybe I'm out of control these days. What do you think?

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